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EM Normandie 11 / 01 / 2021

2004: The ESC Normandie Group becomes the École de Management de Normandie (EM Normandie Business School)

2004 marks yet another turning point in the history of our institution. The Le Havre and Caen entities were merged to form the École de Management de Normandie. The merging of the two schools into one was a pivotal moment following 20 years of collaboration between the two cities of Le Havre and Caen. The EM Normandie adventure was one step ahead of Normandy’s reunification in 2016.
The teams on this project worked tirelessly with the Caen and Le Havre Chambers of Commerce and Industry to achieve a progressive move towards cooperation. They had to rewrite the script on a number of occasions to create this shared learning programme for the region.

I still remember the first partnership between the two cities in 1982, which gave rise to the ESC Normandie Group. Since then, we have continued to pool our resources, methods and teaching know-how so that we can offer our students a more enhanced learning experience. With its own legal status and Jean-Guy Bernard appointed as its Head, the École de Management de Normandie was able to open up a range of opportunities. At the same time, the ESC Le Havre (5-year post-Baccalaureate) qualification received Master’s recognition, testament to the hard work we had put in to creating a programme of excellence.

2006: EM Normandie’s Master in Management is launched!

EM Normandie 11/01/2021

2005: The Métis Laboratory is born

EM Normandie 11/01/2021

1937: What does the entrance examination for ESC Le Havre look like?

EM Normandie 11/01/2021

1871: Once upon a time, we were ESC Le Havre

EM Normandie 11/01/2021



Graduation ceremony
EM Normandie


Theater club on the Caen campus
EM Normandie


Courses in amphitheater on the Le Havre campus
EM Normandie


Integration days on the Le Havre campus
EM Normandie