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EM Normandie 22 / 07 / 2021

2014: All systems go for AACSB

2014 was the year in which we renewed our EPAS accreditation, but also brought many new challenges. We have always applied the same philosophy of setting our sights on the future. Clearly, we also apply this outlook to our accreditations. Thus, the AACSB accreditation became one of the main focus areas of our 2013-2017 ‘Value and Performance’ strategic plan.
This indisputable guarantee of excellence represented a major step towards boosting our appeal, increasing our recruitment of international students and professors and forging partnerships with the most prestigious international universities.

In the preceding years, the School’s management bodies, employees, students, graduates and partners had given their all to meet AACSB's rigorous accreditation standards.
A great deal of work went into our mission, strategy, teaching staff, programmes, student support and improvement and innovation measures, with nothing left to chance. Our loyal staff put everything into their verbal presentation.

Finally, the big day arrived and we received the eagerly awaited call. EM Normandie had been awarded the maximum five-year AACSB accreditation! We were so proud of our amazing School for joining the ranks of only 5% of business schools worldwide with AACSB accreditation (and one of only 22 in France). What a celebration!

The official auditors’ letter cited a number of EM Normandie’s attributes including its strong international dimension, its close links with Norman companies and its positive impact on its region (already highlighted by the BSIS). Also mentioned were the expansion of its research programmes, teaching innovation through SmartEcole®, its approachability and student support as well as its tireless work to revitalize its alumni association rebranded as the EM Normandie Network.

2006: EM Normandie’s Master in Management is launched!

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2005: The Métis Laboratory is born

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2004: The ESC Normandie Group becomes the École de Management de Normandie (EM Normandie Business School)

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1937: What does the entrance examination for ESC Le Havre look like?

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Graduation ceremony
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Theater club on the Caen campus
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Integration days on Le Havre campus
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