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EM Normandie 06 / 04 / 2021

2014: Oxford!

Who was it that said success breeds success? In any case, one thing is certain: at EM Normandie, this saying rings true. After Paris, the School established roots in Oxford. Paris had been conquered; the next target was England! The School had set its sights higher and further afield! The Grande École with an international perspective was to become a fully-fledged international Grande École.
EM Normandie set up its next base within the grounds of the City of Oxford College, in the heart of the city. Courses were taught in English, using Anglo-Saxon teaching methods, with reduced intakes. A very special study environment, it was the ideal setup for Master in Management (Programme Grande École) (M1) students wishing to study abroad in fourth-year without leaving their School in spirit.

The students were not the only ones to be won over. Teachers and administrative staff from French campuses packed their bags and headed over to the new site alongside local colleagues. They were like one big extended EM Normandie family moving to foreign territory yet fiercely proud of its esprit de corps.

Over the next few years, EM Normandie opened its doors to students in the second and then third-year of the post-baccalaureate Programme Grande École (years U2 and U3), launched a final year (M2) specialisation in Banking, Finance and FinTech, before welcoming all PGE students, from first-year to the end of the course.

In 2017, the School presented its new strategic plan in Oxford, with the media watching. One newspaper article was entitled "EM NORMANDIE, QUEEN OF OXFORD"! This really was the cherry on the cake.

2006: EM Normandie’s Master in Management is launched!

EM Normandie 11/01/2021

2005: The Métis Laboratory is born

EM Normandie 11/01/2021

2004: The ESC Normandie Group becomes the École de Management de Normandie (EM Normandie Business School)

EM Normandie 11/01/2021

1937: What does the entrance examination for ESC Le Havre look like?

EM Normandie 11/01/2021



Graduation ceremony
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Theater club on the Caen campus
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Courses in amphitheater on the Le Havre campus
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Integration days on Le Havre campus
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